The exclusive RUBIX brand dedicated to tools


ROEBUCK is an exclusive brand of the RUBIX Group.

Since 1830 ROEBUCK tools have been designed specifically for professionals in demanding manufacturing and industrial environments.

We deliver on customers needs for premium brand quality, performance and reliability but at a better price thereby reducing their overall cost of ownership.

ROEBUCK achieves this because our range of hand, power and cutting tools are specifically designed and engineered against our in-depth understanding of customer needs.

They are exclusive to and backed up by RUBIX, Europe’s leading supplier of tools and industrial services and products, so you can benefit from our
• buying power
• expertise
• and excellent product availability.

Most of ROEBUCKS tools are backed up by a repair or replace lifetime warranty so you will always have the confidence in choosing this Brand.

Did you know?

  • 70% of ROEBUCK Tools are made in Europe
  • ROEBUCK branded tools are ergonomically designed to reduce vibration and thereby hand injury
  • Our innovative ROEBUCK 4-in-1 wrench will fit five different fastener types with each individual wrench fitting no less than four different fastener sizes
  • ROEBUCK screwdrivers are made in Germany
  • The ROEBUCK “So Easy” multi-purpose pliers are made from premium chromium vanadium steel in Germany and have a 30% higher opening capacity

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