G-vertic light vertical heavy set of shelves – 867942


Designed for vertical storage of your long loads (tubes, profiles, planks...) . 2 available versions (simple or double face) for full optimization of your storage space. Dividers optional. . Scale:Bottle profile mounts - thickness: 50x50 mm. 1.5 mm . Double perforation in the front 50 mm pitch . Cross and diagonals "C" galvanized profile 25x15 mm sheet to bolt on to the mounts . Base for support . Smooth: 3 claws connectors welded in end . Perforated back band 65x36x12 . Wind bracing: Framework to bolt between 2 columns . Base: Galvanized to bolt on the base of the scale . Accessories: End side retainer for base . Separation tube - Separation wire label holder . .