Ventilated hood g-spark tech – 866423


The G-Spark Tech hood combines a light reactive unit adapted for arc welding, MIG/MAG and TIG and a large clear visor for grinding applications . The visor is certified EN 175 B and offers the welder the possibility to grind in perfect safety. The visor is in 1mm thick polycarbonate with excellent optical classes. . The framework offers rarely equalled comfort with an ergonomic and perfect forehead, ear and neck protection. . Enhanced comfort through side windows with a 160° field of view for the welder. This lateral vision is in tinted transparent polycarbonate DIN 5 Inserted in the front face lift-type, the cell enables perfect vision of the weld pool. The continuous adjustment of the welding tint from DIN 9 to DIN 13 is complemented by the adjustments in sensitivity of the 4 sensors and the time to return to clear. . The hood filters Solid and Liquid Particles (PSL) delivering clean air into the welding hood. The face seal locked onto the hood guarantees limited penetration. TH2 of contaminants inside the hood. The filter used on it is classified as "Reusable" (PRSL), and does not need to be replaced on each station. The filter clogging alarm will inform the operator that the filter needs changing. . A wide padded belt ensures perfect support and comfort of the filtering unit. Complete assembly (Hood, filter, engine, belt, pipe) delivered with its storage bag. Standards: EN175 B and EN12941